March 16, 2017


Here is a cover illustration I did for the book "Renegades", the third instalment in the Randoms Series by author David Liss. This one is another great science-fi adventure, with Zeke and his friends continuing their adventure, traveling to strange worlds, encountering bizarre beings, battling aliens, while learning and growing along the way. Plus there is a dose of tween romance thrown in there for good measure.

Anyways, the cover was a lot of fun....being a wrap around image like the previous books and featuring a host of the characters from the series in a circular graphic arrangement. This one was a little different in that it contains 2 different on the front cover and the second on the back, whereas the previous 2 books featured singular locations. This also introduced more colour...but in the end I still think it fits with the other covers.

Renegades will be released in hardcover next September.

Thanks to Lizzy Bromley at Simon & Schuster.

March 14, 2017


The 1/8th scale EK Cosmonaut 01 and 03 kits are coming back for another run and are now available for pre-order over at Industria Mechanika. The shipping ETA of these kits is May 2017.

Lower quality boot-legged versions of these kits were circulating last fall so if you've been looking for an authentic version, now is the time to pick one up.

February 5, 2017


I'm happy to announce a new model kit I have in the works with Industria Mechanika, the 1/6th scale Duchess. Sculpted again by the talented Gene Campbell, this figure was conceived as a companion piece to the popular Dystopic kit

Production on this figure has begun, so hopefully the kit will be ready for pre-order and release sometime later in 2017. 

I'll post updates in the future!

February 3, 2017


Here is a short interview I did recently with creative networking site Movidiam. We discuss working in the games industry, networking and my Enartete Kunst art project. 

or, if you prefer, you can read the print version here.

December 16, 2016


A couple months ago I posted some character design/illustration work I had done for the Supertruck expansion to the racing game Anki Overdrive.... and I recently received permission to post some more of this work. So I've added an Anki Overdrive section to my website. You can check it out here.

Thanks to Eddie Visser!

December 9, 2016


My 2 most popular EK Model Kits, Dystopic and EK Cosmonaut 02 are in the process of restocking over at Industria Mechanika. They are available for preorder now and they should be shipping around late January 2017. 

Plus, Industria Mechanika is now selling copies of my book, Born In Concrete: The EK Series in their shop. They are currently offering it at a discounted price, so you can pick one up while ordering your model kit! 

December 3, 2016


I have a small piece in the latest edition of the annual fantastic art compendium, Spectrum. As always the book is full of incredible art from comics, games, book and editorial illustration, and more. Plus this year they honoured one of my favourite artists, Mike Mignola, with the grand master award. Well worth picking up! 

Thanks to the all judges for including me in the book! Spectrum 23 cover art by Android Jones.

November 30, 2016


I have re-opened the shop on my website in time for the holidays....because nothing says "Merry Christmas" quite like a bunch of gnarled old cosmonauts! Some prints, t-shirts, and signed copies of my art book are available in the shop now, and I'll be introducing some new items in the future. Here's the link!

For those interested in the Industria Mechanika kits based on my work they can be purchased at the IMech store here.

Unsigned copies of my art book can be purchased on Amazon, at Design Studio Press and at other fine book dealers.

November 27, 2016


It appears that some bootlegged versions of the EK Series Model Kits have been surfacing on Ebay lately, so buyers beware! If you purchase a kit from a re-distributor (that is to say, someone other than Industria Mechanika), please look for evidence of recasting and make sure the kit contains all the original, authentic pieces. 

Industria Mechanika has shut down a few of these clowns before, at least temporarily anyways, as it is easy for the bootleggers to just change their online store handle and start selling them again.

The easiest way to avoid this is to purchase your EK kits directly from Industria Mechanika on their website. Here's the link!

October 29, 2016


Here is a link to an interview I did with educational/inspirational art site Pencil Kings. We talk about freelancing, working while traveling, a few other topics....and if you listen carefully you can hear my wife messing around in the kitchen! 

Thanks to Mitch Bowler at Pencil Kings.

October 20, 2016


Here is some character art I did for the new Anki Overdrive expansion "SuperTrucks". Supertrucks introduces 2 new large trucks to Overdrive along with new game modes and new commanders. These commanders are a group of misfits and outlaws from an area of the  Overdrive universe known as the Badlands. They were super fun to design and paint up.....with their more random, rougher design. My son and I can't wait to get one of these trucks to see how they mix things up on the track! 

Thanks to Eddie Visser! 

August 22, 2016


Here is a graphic I created a while back for the Imperial College of London that celebrates the connections that the school has with English writer H.G. Wells. Wells was an alumni of the Imperial College of London (then called the Royal College of Science) and wrote an early version of his novel The Time Machine (the Chronic Argonauts) while attending school there. 

Given the schools focus on science, medicine and engineering, the graphic features elements from four of Well's best known science fiction novels: The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Invisible Man and The War of the Worlds. 

I'm not a big fiction reader, so I admit that most of the visual inspiration for this came more from the old film adaptations of these stories....the Invisible Man and that old school time machine in particular. I took a few more liberties with my alien walkers from War of the Worlds, and Hyena Man from the Island of Dr. Moreau (which was much more scary in my original version, and I had to dial him back a bit), but both are still very familiar in design. As a nod to Wells I used him as a model for the time traveller, with his big moustache and his somewhat droopy eyes.

The graphic is being used for a t-shirt that is being offered as a prize for alumni and staff that write in to the Imperial Magazine describing what they would do if they had access to Wells-like time machine. 

Thanks to Beth Elzer and the Imperial College of London.

June 8, 2016


Here is the second part of the interview I did with Ozone Late Night. In this segment we discuss inspiration, EK model kits, geek out on Jack Kirby and talk about some other stuff.....


June 2, 2016


I recently did an interview on Ozone Late Night, a podcast done by The Ozone Nightmare. The host, Joe, picked up a copy of my book and was impressed/intrigued enough to ask me to come on his I did.

This is the first of two parts, and on this segment we discuss my book, the Entartete Kunst project and  a few other art related topics.

You can listen to it here.

Thanks to Joe and Lando at the The Ozone Nightmare!